Who are we

Hope Generation Of Somalia (HOGESO) is a non -governmental Youth Development Organization, founded by group of Somali Young Men And Women, who realized the significance of youth groups in the development of the society. in 2014.

  • No group are more affected and severely corrupted by tribal elders or warlords than the Somali youth, a large number of who now feel alienated, frustrated, vulnerable, deceived and Hopeless.
  • Where can you search for hope when all you have ever known is conflict, poverty, loss and displacement? This is the profound question facing Somalia’s lost generation. • Youth have unique potential assets and resources to make their country into productive one and overcome his challenges.
  • More than half of Somalia’s population is under 18, with the majority born after the overthrow of Mohammed Si’ad Barre in 1991.
  • Today’s young Somali People need access to both decent formal education and opportunities to obtain a sort of life skills to actively participate of an increasingly knowledge-intensive society
  • HOGESO are now engaged in projects that can be categorized into four key areas i.e. Training. Teaching Mobilizing Social Events, Awareness of anti social elements,.
  • Building and improving Youth Capacities Of all levels Are More needed in our society, so that young people are educated more in ways that benefit them the country’s social and economic development.