We believe that all young people should be given equal opportunity and the necessary support to fully engage, develop skills and have their voices heard.

We are fortunate that we do receive both moral and material support from people and organizations that share our commitment to empowering young people to realize their potential.

We are extremely thankful to all the Sponsors that make our work possible and enjoyable by sharing our passion for supporting young people.

If you, like HOGESO, believe that every young person should be given the tools they need for life, work and a better future there are various ways you can support and help us to achieve this mission.

Sponsorship Options

We are inviting sponsorship from Individuals,  industries, international NGOs and businesses people.  Various levels of sponsorship are possible. Based on the sponsorship level, the sponsor will have access to opportunities for advertising and/or displaying their products/services, We are happy to work with you on what works best.

Here are some examples from existing and previous sponsorships:

  1. Gold sponsorship

Which means to us, fully sponsorship for any program or event  that HOGESO conducts.

  1. Silver sponsorship.

Which means to us, half  sponsorship for any program or event  that HOGESO conducts.

  1. bronze sponsorship.

Which means to us, 20% sponsorship for any program or event  that HOGESO conducts.

For all sponsorship levels, the sponsors’ logos will be prominently displayed at that particular event, on the web site.

For the list of current sponsors, please visit the Sponsors link.